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Guitar Lessons

with Grégoire


I offer comfortable, stress-free guitar lessons for kids and their parents to learn and have fun with music. As a guitar teacher I help kids master foundational techniques, read notes & tablature, develop listening skills and perform songs that are age appropriate. Quick progress and musical achievement will nurture their confidence and feeling of accomplishment.


When beginning students are ready, I introduce the Berklee Method for Guitar.  I have found this book to be an excellent method for note reading and beginning music theory. It has clear explanations, written exercises, and student/teacher duets to supplement lessons.  

I recommend that students take a weekly 30 minute lesson and practice 15-30 minutes at least five days per week. Consistency and repetition are essential to developing foundational skills on a musical instrument.



New students are interviewed so I can gain an understanding of how they learn most effectively and to create customized private lessons to suit their strengths and challenges.  


For flamenco guitar, there is a heavy technical and rhythmic component. To help a student understand these necessary foundational skills and repertoire I work from numerous methods by guitarists including Manuel GranadosClaude WormsDennis Koster & Juan Serrano.


For classical guitar, there again are strict technical guidelines to achieve a beautiful tone and effective movement. To supplement private instruction, I use method books by Aaron ShearerFrederick NoadFrancisco TarregaMateo Carcassi and others for technical training and basic music theory as they relate to the guitar.


Playing Guitar

For electric & acoustic guitar, I typically divide the learning experience into three general subcategories. Jazz, Blues and Rock based music forms. In addition to creating a customized approach for each student, I suggest several method books to supplement learning this style of playing including A Modern Method for GuitarReading Studies for GuitarClassical Studies for Pick Style Guitar and The Real Book.

Ukulele Lessons

Ukulele on black wooden background. Acou

Lucille Ball, Paul McCartney, Warren Buffett, and Tiny Tim. There is no other place on the internet other than right here, on this website, that you will read the names of those people in the same sentence, never mind the same webpage. All of them achieved a certain level of fame and fortune, this they have in common, but what is even more interesting is that they all love(d) to play the ukulele. It is an immediately accessible instrument to people of any age and a student could expect to learn their first song in the first lesson. Students generally spend their lesson time [if they’re already tuned up] learning and practicing chords and scales that are featured in a song that they want to learn. Once they complete learning the tune the can record it with me during their lesson or move on to the next piece of music. 

Electric Bass Lessons

If you feel the temptation to start dancing when you shouldn’t then you’re probably already a bass player or someone who should be. The electric bass in popular music, jazz, blues, and rock is the sort of thing that, when done well, is designed to make people want to groove. In bass lessons, you will learn to produce an amazing sound and technique with your instrument while remaining relaxed and comfortable so you can ultimately work on your musicality and artfulness as you play. In a thirty minute lesson, we would generally work on technique, posture, and tone, ear training, reading notes, and repertoire. Students are always welcome to make suggestions of songs they would like to play and if those tunes are within reach for their level then the lesson material will be driven toward the tools necessary to make it happen. If the student is new to music in general and is looking for recommendations as to what to play or listen to, then I will happily forward playlists and albums of some great players.  

Playing Bass
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