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Sarah Lindsay Pearce

Sarah specializes in singing and piano lessons for kids and technique & repertoire coaching for advanced classical and musical theater singers.  Her 10 years of teaching experience has included employment by Pomfret School, University of Connecticut Community School for the Arts, and the Rectory School, as well as happily settling into self-employment in her home studio.  She is a classically trained soprano with a music performance degree from Boston University and graduate studies at the University of Connecticut.  With young singers her focus is on developing musicianship, confidence, and healthy vocal habits.  As children's voices develop (around age 13) she adds vocal technique to her instruction.  She offers voice instruction for all levels and piano instruction for beginners and intermediate-level players.  All ages are welcome (ages 4 through adult).  With all students, Sarah aims to create a lesson and practice structure that places them on a long-term path.  She is more concerned with how a student's musicianship will serve them in years to come than how impressive their performances are in the present.  Lessons are tailored to suit students' needs and interests, in duration and in content.


Gregoíre Pearce

Greg offers lessons in flamenco, classical, and modern guitar along with composition, ear training, orchestration, and improvising.  His approach is informed by 20+ years of teaching experience.  Students range from young beginners to advanced students preparing for academic and professional auditions.  His approach centers around building a student's repertoire, with music they are interested in, while exploring key elements of musicianship such as improvising, technique, music theory, ear training, arranging, phrasing, music notation, reading music, orchestration, and composition.  He asks students to consider broadening their listening for the sake of adding new ideas, concepts, melodies, rhythms and harmonies to their playing and loves to see students thrive in the creative freedom that music can offer.

He offers a comfortable environment for kids and their parents to learn and have fun with music.  His teaching style facilitates quick progress and musical achievement to nurture students' confidence and feeling of accomplishment.  New adult students are interviewed as to gain an understanding of how they learn most effectively and to create customized private lessons to suit their strengths and challenges.  

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